Soapy Productions is happy to announce the purchase of 2 new sound systems for indoor and outdoor events in 2022.

We have been researching the ideal speaker system that will meet the criteria of what we need to compliment the new trailer stage systems due to arrive in March 2022 ready for the outdoor season.

Why the KV2 ES speaker system against line array.

Believe us the debate is long and can get overcomplicated. While we understand the benefits between ‘Point Source’ and ‘Line Array’ we really needed a hybrid of the two types of speaker configurations. Here are the bullet points of our brief.

  • Easy to set up in both floor stack and flying configurations
  • Set up by one person at smaller events
  • Not an active system due to the weather / outdoor
  • Must be easily scaleable from 500 to 3000 people 
  • As smaller footprint as possible for transport
  • A known and tried system with 96kHz plus sound quality

The KV2 Audio ES system ticks most of the boxes we needed. With the purchase or two ES systems we are able to double up and ground stack or fly quickly. The set up of the speaker dispersion in the boxes can be done prior to arrival at the venue. We are confident the set up of a 3000 person system on a ground stack would be 10 minutes with 2 people. Stretching to 20 minutes if flying the top speaker boxes. The two ES systems combined will produce a festival sound for 3000 people in a 40m x 60m square from an impressive 4 top speakers and 8 bass modules.

I can hear loud and clear

The quality of the sound and how well it travels was a huge consideration. We want the quality of the speaker system to match or rival the biggest of concert systems. The KV2. Audio ES system boasts an analogue and digital hybrid of amplification over 4 bands of sound, with a dedicated low and high mid speaker. Mosts systems choose the crossover in-between the human vocal range which makes the sound reproduction less efficient. The ES system has 4 bands of dedicated amplification going to the 4 separate bands of speaker. Which includes the whole vocal range. 

Combined with the hugely impressing sample rate 20MHz which is seven times better clarity than most modern mixers at 96kHz and distortion rate of 0.03%. Hearing the breath of the singer as they sing or earth shattering bass that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Without blowing out your ear drums has to be the best compromise when going to a music gig.

The KV2 Audio systems are available to hire from Soapy Productions with band and festival packages from April 2022. For more info about our stage systems click here.

More info about the ES system from KV2 Audio from their website here.