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Enhancing Conferences with Frameset UK’s Euroset System

Enhancing Conferences with Frameset UK's Euroset System Soapy Productions constantly seeks innovative solutions. However, for a new range of conference sets, we have gone back to an old supplier.  The brief was to offer a value proposition for cost effective conferences, that took less time to set up and run [...]

Soapy invests in new AV equipment

Soapy Productions has recently made significant investments in cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, further solidifying our position as a leading local AV company. With the acquisition of 65-inch and 85-inch LED screens and state-of-the-art vision mixing systems, Soapy Productions is poised to deliver truly immersive experiences to their clients and audiences alike. [...]

Carbon Offsetting Events

Soapy Productions - Carbon Offsetting Events As the global conversation about climate change continues to grow, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to take action to reduce their carbon footprint. One area where this has become particularly important for Soapy Productions, is in the production of [...]

How to organise a good charity event.

You think sales team managers are constantly under pressure, try talking to directors or heads of fundraising for charities. In my experience, the biggest difference and the reason why charity sales teams can handle it is because of the emotional weight attached to the charity they are working for. Apart [...]

Point Source vs Line array

Here at Soapy Productions we are a year into working with the fabulous team at KV2 UK who have supplied us with our main front of house PA systems. This is for both our outdoor stages and indoor events. 12 months down the road we are now very aware of [...]

Your Award Ceremony shouldn’t be boring

When the award ceremony becomes boring, the real winner is the venue’s bar! Psychology of an Awards Ceremony Businesses and individual professionals love getting awards. The PR you can generate is fantastic for both parties. Imagine the LinkedIn posts alone. Actually, you don’t need to, they clutter your feed anyway, [...]

Your next event just got better for the planet.

Ask us about carbon offsetting your event through We simply calculate the carbon produced by our services at your event, and we can offset that via local or global schemes (additional costs incurred).

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