Enhancing Conferences with Frameset UK’s Euroset System

Soapy Productions constantly seeks innovative solutions. However, for a new range of conference sets, we have gone back to an old supplier. 

The brief was to offer a value proposition for cost effective conferences, that took less time to set up and run for our clients, and new clients alike. We also wanted to move away from traditional projection. So the challenge was to find a solution that would work with our recent investment in 4K 85” screens. 

Traditional conference setups often involve static stages and fixed screen stage flats arrangements, limiting audience interaction and engagement. However, with the Euroset system. The modular nature of the Euroset system allows for dynamic configurations, transforming conference venues into adaptable spaces that cater to diverse event requirements.

Flexibility and Customisation

One of the primary reasons Soapy Productions has opted for the Euroset system is its remarkable flexibility and customisation capabilities. The system comprises modular panels, screens, and stage elements that can be easily reconfigured to create different layouts and designs. This adaptability allows Soapy Productions to tailor the conference setup according to the event’s unique objectives, ensuring optimal audience visibility and engagement.

We have 2 colours of panels in stock, black and light reflective silver. We can also arrange custom printed panels for clients.

Seamless Integration of Audiovisual Technology

Modern conferences heavily rely on advanced audiovisual technology to deliver impactful presentations, immersive experiences, and seamless communication. The Euroset system seamlessly integrates with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including our large LED screens, high-quality sound systems, and lighting setups. Soapy Productions can leverage this integration to enhance speaker presentations, display compelling visuals, and deliver an immersive multimedia experience to conference attendees.

Enhanced Audience Interaction

Engaging the audience and fostering meaningful interactions are paramount to a successful conference. Soapy Productions recognises the Euroset system’s ability to facilitate enhanced audience interaction. By utilising Euroset’s modular design, Soapy Productions can create various configurations for theater-style, cabaret-style, or interactive workshop setups. This versatility empowers attendees to connect with speakers, network with peers, and actively participate in discussions, ultimately maximising the value they derive from the conference.

Efficient Space Utilisation

Optimising space is crucial for any event, especially conferences with varying session formats and audience sizes. The Euroset system’s adaptability allows Soapy Productions to make efficient use of available space, regardless of the venue’s size or layout. The modular panels and screens can be arranged to create partition walls, sponsor exhibition areas, or breakout spaces, providing a seamless flow for attendees and optimising the overall conference experience.

Quick Setup and Breakdown

Time is of the essence when it comes to event production, and Soapy Productions recognises the value of efficiency. The Euroset system’s modular components are designed for quick assembly and disassembly, significantly reducing setup and breakdown times. This streamlined process enables Soapy Productions to manage tight timelines and allocate more time for rehearsals, speaker preparation, and fine-tuning the overall conference experience.

The Euroset’s aluminium frame system with lycra covers offer a considerably reduced transport and set up time. Coupled with our 85 inch 4K LED Screens. A double screen conference set system will take less than an hour to set up. With full AV production, the set up time will be around 2 hours.


As the conference landscape evolves, event production companies like Soapy Productions seek innovative solutions to deliver memorable experiences. Frameset UK’s Euroset system offers unparalleled flexibility, customisation, and enhanced audience interaction. By incorporating Euroset into their conference setups, Soapy Productions can create dynamic environments, seamlessly integrate audiovisual technology, and optimise space utilisation. The result is a conference experience that captivates attendees, fosters networking opportunities, and leaves a lasting impression on all participants.

With Frameset UK’s Euroset system as a cornerstone of our value conference productions, Soapy Productions continues to raise the bar and shape the future of conferences.

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