Live streaming for events.

Stream your event online.

Event live streaming will turn your event into a hybrid online event, so no-one misses the action.

Get more from your live streamed event.

Live streaming your event is the perfect way to get your event on to the screens of an audience that can’t attend. Our specialist production managers and camera crews work with you to ensure your audience never misses a beat.

If you’re wanting to create an online ticketing option, speak to our team about our digital marketing options.

Relay to screens in the venue
(screen hire optional)

Stream online
with audience participation options.

Live internet streaming of business conference meeting, presenter joining a seminar via video conference call in empty convention center. Online webinar or seminar via social network broadcast in new normal, covid outbreak,e-learning.

Event streaming and filming options.

  • Live streaming awards ceremonies
  • Live streaming conferences
  • Discussion panels and talking events
  • Recording and editing package
  • Audience participation options
  • Branding and animations
  • Relay to screens in the event venue

  • Bolt-on to any of our PA/production services

Heather Lysiak, Macmillan Engagement Lead

“Huge thanks for all the coordination and work that went into making our engagement forum hybrid event such a success. The set-up was exactly what we were hoping for and your staff were absolutely fantastic to work with, making sure everything was ready with plenty of time, tested, and any small niggles were resolved quickly, smoothly, and proactively throughout the event. It was such a reassurance to us having them there to make sure everything worked exactly as needed so that we could focus primarily on welcoming our guests and facilitating activities and conversations.

We have had so many positive comments from people who joined in-person and virtually about the set-up and experience, and I’ve been asked to do a write-up internally about how this worked for engaging people with lived experience of cancer.

I can safely say that we’d absolutely love to work with Soapy Productions again.”

Your next event just got better for the planet.

Ask us about carbon offsetting your event through We simply calculate the carbon produced by our services at your event, and we can offset that via local or global schemes (additional costs incurred).