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Band Production

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Professional sound for live events

Band production has been the backbone of our services for the last 20 years. We can provide full PA and lighting for 200 to 3000 people, using the latest KV2 Audio systems with Allen & Heath, SQ and Avantis desks. We can provide sound for all styles of bands.

In the last eight years we have provided PA systems for Cancer Research UK in the Yorkshire region, radio roadshow stages for most radio stations including Bauer Media, Capital Group and the BBC, concerts and events for local councils – and the list continues to grow. Contact us for a competitive quote, with the knowledge you will get great service too.

Band production services

  • Indoor and outdoor PA systems, ground stacked or flown

  • PA packages for bands, fully engineered for 200 – 3,000 people

  • Festival packages for multi-band and artist events, including house band drum kit hire

  • The latest equipment including Avantis & SQ desks and KV2 Audio speaker systems

  • Touring packages available for up to 3000 people – sound & lighting

Live sound production
is our thing!

We have gained a great reputation for producing sound on small festivals. Getting bands on stage, sound tested and then off quickly. While still giving the artists and festival goers a fantastic experience. Most genres of music we have produced it, from acoustic folk music to EDM.

Artist tours with our KV2 ES System and Avantis desks are really simple and cost effective. Quick set up times and virtual sound checks mean we can get in out of venues quickly. We can sound check the band without them being on stage. The powerful but compact nature of the KV2 systems means unrivalled sound reproduction from less speaker boxes vs line array.

The debate about using point source speakers vs line array in smaller event continues. But we believe it’s more about the sound quality than what is fashionable to request on a technical rider.