You can trust that Soapy Productions knows how to put on a great event. You need a production company who can take the stress out organising the stage. Our complete packages are the perfect option. From roadshows to mini-festivals we provide everything you need. Stage, lighting and PA systems to backstage area and generators. We don’t sub in any equipment which means no hire company equipment going wrong and spoiling your event.

Our packages are tailored for the main styles of festival events including acoustic and tour-grade rock shows. Using the latest industry-standard equipment including 24 – 48ch Allen & Heath SQ mixers and HK Audio LTS sound systems. Full sound and lighting systems with every conceivable option are included as part of the package option you choose.

Soapy Trailer Stage

Based on an innovative trailer design this stage can be set up by 1 person in under 30 minutes, ready for lights, sound and acts. With added roof support and PA wings this stage really gives the big boys a run for their money.

This stage has 2 sizes and can be driven into the tightest of places. Here are the details.

  • Sets up in under 30 minutes

  • 2 Stage size, 7x4m & 7x6m

  • 350kg rigging weight on stage truss

  • PA wings truss for line array and branding scrims

  • Completely self sufficient

Soapy Small Stage

This modular stage system is based on 2x1m deck units. It can be configured in 2 stage sizes for smaller applications including 4x4m and 6x4m options. Additional PA wings and front extensions are possible. This stage come in 3 height options, 30cm, 60cm and 1m.

Complete with handrails, steps and gazebo roof. This really is a great option for events with a smaller budget.

  • Sets up in 30 – 90 minutes

  • 2 Stage size, 4x4m & 6x4m

  • Ideal for events with restricted access

  • Great for Roadshows

  • Completely self sufficient

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