We very aware like most people that there is a need to attract shoppers to city centres. The demise of city centre shopping combined with our desire to get out after the pandemic lockdowns. The amount of large retail companies disappearing off the high street the past few years is really apparent. I hear the debate repeated in most cities about getting a more level mix of local boutique with the larger retail chains. But just getting the mix of shops right is only the start.  

Most city centre management companies (BID) are working hard to create immersive experiences to get shoppers to come into the centre of towns. 

Creating interactive performance areas (stages) in the centre of towns is nothing new. But having the flexibility of moving them around the centre with little disruption and set up times gives more options for events.

We wanted to create a solution based on years of experience of working in the centre of towns and cities based on the challenges pedestrian areas face.

  • The size of the pedestrian area and access to them.
  • Stage size to match the pedestrian area and audience
  • The disruption to the pedestrian area and nearby retail units
  • Speed of set up and de-rig of the stage area
  • Power usage and limited connections and use of generators

By using a specially built trailer stage combined with the latest power, space saving PA systems and lighting we have created a solution that allows the flexibility to care immersive and entertaining performance areas for city centre locations.

  • The stage has 3 sizes 7m x 4m / 7m x 6m / 10m x 6m
  • Stage sets up in under an hour excluding PA and lighting
  • Day event with PA sets up in 2 hours, de-rigs in 1 hour
  • PA speakers scaleable from 500 to 3000 audience
  • Daytime event of full day / evening priced options
  • Standard Day event only (500 audience) requires a single 32 amp electric feed
  • Large areas for branding and sponsorship opportunities 
  • Package options with or without crowd / pedestrian barriers
  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to modular stage systems

We believe we have created a comprehensive solution for a performance stage that should tick most of the challenges a city centre location face. We would love to start dialogue with city centre marketing and events organisations to see how we can help attract shoppers to a more entertaining and immersive shopping experience.

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