2022 will be a fantastic year for smaller independent local events. Giving people more choice than ever before. The rise of food festivals, tribute festivals and smaller well know acts at regional events has been apparent. 

Inner city areas including city centre spaces and parks are also being utilised for smaller more compact events. Which can only benefit the local economy and bring local communities together. 

Time vs cost challenge

Smaller events have challenges with entertainment stages. Cost and set up times are the bigger of the hurdles to get over, together with access and resources. Traditional modular stages which consist of stage decks and a roof have been the go to, for stages of around 6 – 8 meters wide. The modular stage system can be built up on site from the back of a van or lorry. They can take a full day to be erected deepening on the complexity of the system. And that’s before adding sound and lighting.

A full day set up and half day de-rig in a city centre or park is not ideal, especially when most councils and event space owners charge a daily rate to rent the event space. So what is needed is a quicker solution that ticks all the boxes.

Soapy Productions is investing in a complete stage solution whereas the set up time for a day event for up to 2000 people is just 3 hours from arriving at the event space. This set up includes stage, PA and lighting. A considerable amount of research has been done to create a system that minimises the set up time of the complete stage. 

Trailer Stage System

The German made trailer system from StageMobil is a fantastic solution which on it’s own can be set up in under 30 minutes by 1 person. The stage is 7 – 10m wide and 4 or 7m deep. Available in 3 set up configurations including fully branded side fills. The trailer arrives on the back of a commercial pick up and has a standard trailer footprint.

The speed of the stage set up allows the 3 man crew to be off to a fast start ready to set up the PA system and lighting.

Innovations in Sound and Lighting

The last 10 years has seen a huge leap in technologies that vastly reduce the production footprint at events. For 2022 we are investing in KV2 Audio PA that produces unbelievable sound quality with half the amount of speakers needed compared to similar systems. No need for huge speaker boxes that require bigger vans to transport it.

The latest sound desks including the Allen and Heath SQ systems we use can offer either a front of stage position or for smaller events the engineer can mix the sound via an iPad in front of the stage.

Utilising smaller LED lighting fixtures which are all controlled from a laptop style console not only reduces the set up time. Compared to traditional lighting they require less electrical power, which in turn reduces the size of power needed to run the stage. 

Reducing your events carbon footprint

A combination of factors has lead to Soapy Productions being able to offer a complete stage production package that can help you reduce your events carbon footprint. A stage for up to 2000 people arrives on site with a commercial pick up and 3.5T van. No need for large arctic trailers and trucks. Investing heavily in the latest equipment and reducing the size of the equipment needed without compromising on quality of the production. 

A reduction in equipment size corresponds with the power needed to run the stage. This means a smaller power supply or generators needed. Less diesel consumption or electric grid power only helps to reduce your events carbon footprint.

For more information on the different stage options and packages get in touch with us.